Peterpans Adventure Travel

Praktikum in Tourismus, Sales & Marketing

  • Veröffentlicht am 16.09.2019
  • Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Auckland, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Queenstown, Rainbow Beach, Rotorua, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Taupo, Wellington..
Peterpans Adventure Travel
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Praktikum in Tourismus, Sales & Marketing

Essential Skills & Responsibilites:

Customer Service Management – applying our sales cycle to engage with customers and ‘manage the floor’ effectively. Actively participating in the day to day running of a youth-focused travel agency, working alongside the Store Manager to solve issues as they arise.

Supplier Relationships - building complex travel itineraries, identify how the different sectors of our industry work together to form a fluid travel experience, evaluating issues such as carrying capacity.

Operational Reporting – increase your awareness of individual performance, store targets, key performance indicators and return on investment.

Destination Knowledge – understand the importance of recognising the trends and diverse motivation behind our various customers travelling needs.

Competitor Analysis – perform analysis of our position in the market place.

Marketing & Event Management - assist with the distribution of marketing materials, attend promotional functions and deliver in-store promotions. Provide support and strategic thinking to our brands and key partner relationships.

Brand Ambassador – representing us in a positive light through social media and word of mouth to increase brand awareness and sales.

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What we want from an intern:

Someone smart and switched on, who has personality, flair and the ability to engage with everyone who walks into our agencies. Someone with a genuine passion for travel, who has the capacity to intrinsically feel like part of our team, who proves themselves to be valuable – someone we actually don’t want to leave! With amazing travel incentives this is a vocational internship like no other, it is an exciting opportunity that could genuinely be the first steps towards a rewarding career in travel & tourism.


Peterpans Adventure Travel Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Auckland, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Queenstown, Rainbow Beach, Rotorua, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Taupo, Wellington.., AU

Über Peterpans Adventure Travel

Imperium Tourism Holdings vocational internship programme is designed to showcase an appropriate level of industry knowledge. We are experts in youth adventure travel and employ over 250 savvy sales staff who thrive in the vibrant and bold retail environment we have created. With a strong online presence and 50+ stores around Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia we are always looking for bright, passionate people to join our network. Key brands include Peterpans Adventure Travel, Backpackers World Travel, The Travel Project, Travel Freedom, Dingos Backpacker Resort, Frasers on Rainbow.

Established in 1998 we re-defined our industry sector and will demonstrate this to successful applicants, whilst giving them a full professional understanding and practical hands on experience.

Australia: Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Rainbow Beach, Surfers Paradise, Sydney.
New Zealand: Auckland, Queenstown, Rotorua, Wellington.

Let the journey begin...