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Sprachkursentwicklung bei Linguedo (Praktikum)

  • Veröffentlicht am 10.03.2019
  • Frankfurt am Main
Linguedo GmbH
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Sprachkursentwicklung bei Linguedo (Praktikum)

Your job will be to make the language course more efficient so our students can learn German even faster. Below, you find what we will expect from you.

To do everything you can to get our students to a B2 level in German in less than 8 months. And to create self-study materials in order to facilitate learning.

1. Create 20 new lessons for our language course that can be incorporated right away.
2. Hold 5-10 German lessons every week for problematic students.
3. Rearrange and -design our eLearning system for a one-point increase in subjective user experience as reported through a survey
4. Finish the internship with proficiency in at least one skill that you have not had before
5. Hire another intern to take over your job once your internship over

Responsibility. You’ll be working closely with our students, and they will rely on you to improve their teaching materials and help them out with problems. You will also be creating long-lasting content on your own, making your very own contribution to the company!
Compensation. We believe that hard work should be rewarded - also for interns. We pay a compensation of 450 €. If you’re looking for more than that, we’re sorry to say that - but then you’ll have to find an internship outside of a startup. ;)
Social Impact. Well, you can either file papers all day … or you can make an actual difference in the world. Knowing that your own work changes the lives of others is one the biggest motivators that we know.
Team. We’re a big fan of our crew - and you’ll fit in just right. Come get to know us. :)

Ihr Profil

Great desire and willingness to learn and improve every day
Attention to detail - it’s often the tiny aspects that make a great difference
Experimenting mindset - nothing is too outlandish
In control of your own fate, you do not blame external circumstances
Lots of empathy

Fluency in German required; Italian a HUGE plus
Availability of at least 3 months, starting anytime
Basic MS Office or G Suite skills

Other than that, we’re looking for people who can learn things really fast. That’s better than a university education.


Linguedo GmbH 60487 Frankfurt am Main, DE

Über Linguedo GmbH

Linguedo is a social startup that solves inequalities in the European labour market by connecting unemployed people from other European countries with employers in Germany. The German language is the key to bringing both sides together. And that‘s why we offer a free language course over the course of 9 months for our candidates to be able to start their new life and job. Currently, we are mostly focusing on connecting nurses from Italy and German hospitals.
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