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Internship / Werkstudent for „Analytical work in the area of automotive audio communication systems and related subjects “

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Binaurics Audio GmbH
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Internship / Werkstudent for „Analytical work in the area of automotive audio communication systems and related subjects “

At Binaurics Audio GmbH we actively develop the future of immersive audio communication in vehicles. In the framework of a new and extremely innovative development, we are investigating a variety of principles and systems which will be used as inputs for the next development and research phases as well as basic science investigations.

Job Purpose/Role:
In modern cars there are lots of ways a user can interact with the car and the environment, e. g. advanced driver assistance systems navigation and internet applications. Nevertheless - the current phone communication standard is not yet designed for the 21th century. 

In this project, it will be your task to work with our team to look at different scenarios in audio communication in the automotive area, such as point-to-point situations as well as conferences. It is required from a user and system perspective to formulate questions and analysis which may lead a new a state-of-the-art platform for future phone conversation of C2C, C2 Conference room and C 2 Smart Phone. Your main tool and programming language will be C+. This will enable you to illustrate and present the insights you gained by your Data Analytics in order to support further development. 
The main focus is the phone audio quality improvement in the car but scalability and roll out of the technology around the world needs to be investigated as well.

Work Environment
- Office in Munich or Aachen area
- access to necessary hardware, software, documentation
- access to an expert in those areas where available

Starting dates and Duration
We offer internship positions throughout the year. The minimum length of an internship is 20 weeks. Please indicate your availability and desired start date in your application. Overall, we are flexible but would like you to begin asap, ideally before the summer break. For the lengths of the internship, Binaurics Audio will provide an adequate compensation.

Ihr Profil

Your profile - Key Requirements/Skills/Experience: 
- the candidate needs to study a technical subject or needs to have a high affinity to technical topics with a preference in computer science or electrical engineering
- good or very good knowledge in audio communications, telephony or related subjects
- good knowledge in digital signal processing, at least on a system level are desirable
- as alternative there is also the possibility to use the time at Binaurics Audio for a Bachelor or Master thesis
- good to very good knowledge in English are a requirement, all analytical works need to be documented in English language
- team orientated work, interested to do self-dependent, scientific work
- good communication skills and self-confidence
- experience with C+ are is a plus


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Binaurics Audio is a new player in the audio communication world. At Binaurics Audio science meets systems meets success.
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