Men­schen­rechts­ver­let­zun­gen an den EU-Au­ßen­gren­zen

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The tasks within the internship depend on your skillset and interests. Below is a selection of possible tasks:

• collect on-site (Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece) reports of human rights violations against people on the move by conducting interviews with victims and witnesses

• database maintenance (editing of case reports)

• communication with local organisations, networking with new potential partners

• supervision of activists who collect reports on site

• writing inquiries, summary reports and statements for politicians and other NGOs

• communication with the press

• social media channel management

• IT background work, web design

• create statistics with Excel

• generation of funds, submission of grant applications

• organization of public events


• you can work from home (mobile office) or directly in the Balkans (conducting interviews with people on the move)

• very flexible working hours (30 working hours per week expected)

• we can all make our own coffee, with us you are a full member of the team from the very first day

• reimbursement of travel costs for trips to the EU's external borders and for networking meetings in Germany and Europe

• no payment, sorry. Our team consists of 100% volunteers*.

• an appreciative internship certificate and recommendation (also for use as a mandatory internship for the university)


• ability to cope with a stressful working environment and stories of trauma

• interest in the topic and the work

• very independent way of working

• you should be able to communicate in English (phone calls, informal e-mails)


Border Violence Monitoring
Martin Deppert


BVM originated in 2016 when grassroot organizations involved in humanitarian assistance in the region first became aware of the increasingly systematic practice of violent push-backs at the EU external borders and began to document such cases. As grassroot initiatives usually have a big amount of knowledge about the illegal practices of European border guards but not necessarily the capacities to work on a consistent and profound documentation, BVM was initiated to collect and distribute this knowledge. From the beginning, we worked towards building a strong network committed to an exhaustive documentation of these human rights abuses occuring at the doorstep of the European Union. In cooperation with our partners in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Greece we have developed a common framework for recording testimonials and supporting evidence, which we have published on our website ( To date, the database comprises 506 reports and serves as the factual backbone for the advocacy work undertaken by BVM and other actors. BVM understands itself as a network, whereby it originated from a working group of Rigardu e.V. and still uses the infrastructure of this association. Therefore Rigardu e.V., which is based in Germany, will be the official employer for the internship position.


Border Violence Monitoring
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