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Praktikum in China (Bereich: Marketing)

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Praktikum in China (Bereich: Marketing)

Similar mission for all companies

•Take the product as the object, analyze the customer demand, dig the story behind the product;
•Participate in brand packaging creative, copy work, collaborative design department to complete the theme of advertising posters and soft writing;
•According to a specific topic or task, put forward planning scheme, participate in planning and implementation of the program;
•marketing planning, creative design and promotional materials Atlas copywriting;
•capture the company’s new product advantage, to promote the program, the collection of advertising materials;
•promote the company’s brand image, plan publicity and promotion activities;
•Marketing and promotion plan documents drafting, implementation of activities and activities of feedback;
•Brand, product promotion, corporate promotional copy writing and update;

Example Companies:
•Hangzhou Aladdin Information & Technology CO.,LTD
•Hangzhou Chongdong Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd.
•Hangzhou JIcool information technology Co., Ltd.
•Hangzhou Maiyang Ecommerce .Co., Ltd
•Shanghai Yedao Technology Co., Ltd.
•Atelier Imperial de Suzhou Co.,Ltd
•Shenzhen Hongye Valley Network Technology Co. Ltd
•Shenzhen TOMTOP technology Co., Ltd.
•Guangzhou Haimaite Network Technology Co. Ltd.
•Hangzhou tengna Trade Co., Ltd.
•Shenzhen Kesi Technology Co., Ltd.
•Hangzhou bona Agel Ecommerce Ltd.


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- Pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Marketing
- Possess excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills.
- Possess creativity, flexibility, variety, and growth potential.
- Should be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic, and adaptable.


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