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  • Veröffentlicht am 17.08.2018
  • München
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Design Intern

You already have a good deal of studies behind you, and are really starting to get what Design is all about. You probably have a few design related hobby projects to show in the webs. Every now and then you take one of them out and make some enhancements. Or maybe you start a new project, just to try out a new technique or tool you encountered. Now it's time to say hello to the world of professional digital service creation!

Futurice is an international digital consultancy. To give an opportunity to learn for more young talents out there, our Munich team is looking for talented and creative interns for a 2 to 6 month paid internship starting in July 2018. The aim is to position you to a real project with client people, working and learning as part of the team. Don't worry--we don't expect you to know everything beforehand. The main expectation for you is to be willing and able to learn a lot.

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Here's a little checklist to help you figure out if you are a match for us:

You have at least the better part of your relevant studies behind you, or otherwise got a hold of things well enough because of your passion for digital things.

You have already done some things that actually work either on a web browser, a mobile device, or virtual world.

You really want to learn more about digital design and one day become a world-class professional of this.

If you're passionate about user experience design, have good communication skills in English and German and you are nice guy or gal who is absolutely fun to work with, and would like to work with some of the nicest & most talented people in the industry, we would love to get your application!

Gather your most awesome study/hobby projects, then add a transcript of your studies. Spice these up with a short letter telling about who you are, and how you are going to grow into a real designer, and send all of these to our E-Mail: career@futurice.com


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Über Futurice GmbH

Futurice is a digital consultancy focusing on digital service ecosystems, disruptions, and maker culture. Their purpose is to understand people’s behavior in order to redefine the way humans and technology interact. They show the direction. They design customer experiences. They code. They help you develop the culture you need. They make future digital businesses. They understand the big problems and make them approachable. They experiment. They co-create together with the customers. Great services base on deep insights combined with the ability to execute. Today Futurice has 500 digital natives in Munich, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Helsinki, and Tampere. Future co-created.

Futurice is a fast-growing international company that designs and creates innovative digital services for companies across a wide variety of industries ranging from energy and construction to media and automotive. In 2017 the company’s turnover was €50m, up 32% year on year. Since 2000, Futurice has helped clients to develop their own business practices and culture to help them become future capable. Futurice has offices in London, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Tampere and Helsinki.

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