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Internship Unity 3D Developer Berlin (f/m)

  • Veröffentlicht am 20.06.2018
  • Berlin
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Internship Unity 3D Developer Berlin (f/m)

„We aim to create truly player-centric games. We believe in a rapid product update cycle, in launching fast and changing later. We’re creative game makers and excellent engineers but we take our orders from the players, all the time.“

At our company you will... take ownership of everything you do. Be in an unique environment, a true no-bullshit meritocracy where your skills and efforts really make a difference. Build fast and ship faster. Try hard and learn harder. Grow with every problem encountered. Be paid at industry level. Have access to management all the time.

And you will not... get your game killed in an intransparent gate process. Wait a week for a management decision. Compromise on a viable idea because of somebody else’s gut feelings. Be surrounded by interns who shoulder much of the actual work without real pay or a chance to land a job. Watch the lead engineer fiddle about for days in search of a perfect solution if a solid hack would have solved the problem. Et cetera. You get the picture.

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Sprachkenntnisse: Deutsch, Englisch
Themengebiete: Softwareentwicklung, App-Entwicklung, Testing, Game Development
Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten: Visual Studio, Agile Softwareentwicklung, C-Sharp, Git, Unity (Spiel-Engine), GitLab CI


Campusjäger GmbH 10115 Berlin, DE

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A mobile games studio aspiring to be
the most player-oriented games company in the world.
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