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Internship (m/w) Business Development and Intrapreneurship

  • Veröffentlicht am 08.09.2018
  • Frankfurt am Main
Thinkport GmbH
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Internship (m/w) Business Development and Intrapreneurship

Your job includes everything related to growing a young business. Our goal is to give you as much insights as possible during your internship. From recruiting, exploring new markets, expanding marketing channels to design efficient processes and taking of culture while growing.

This full-time employment is a perfect chance to proof your entrepreneurial skills, advance your technical skills and learn from great people! You can expect...

• A desk in the #1 Innovation hub, in Frankfurt, @TechQuartier
• Work with outstanding and motivated people
• Credibility for future employers your power to innovate or collect experience to start your own thing

Ihr Profil

We only hire highly skilled and strongly motivated talents. You will definitely get the invited in our offices if you are...

• Highly motivated about tech and innovation
• Work with outstanding and motivated people
• Transparent and honest communication


Thinkport GmbH 60487 Frankfurt am Main, DE

Über Thinkport GmbH

Thinkport is one of the fastest growing companies for lean software development and technology consulting. We are bringing Silicon Valley technologies in established German enterprises and help them to be prepared for the future. People at our company are not doing innovation theory and workshops but hands on prototyping, design and development.
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