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Growth Hacking Internship

  • Veröffentlicht am 25.12.2018
  • Frankfurt am Main
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VR First
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Growth Hacking Internship

Are you fascinated by the endless opportunities in Virtual and Augmented Reality? The mission of VR First is to drive innovation further and facilitate access to the hardware needed for the development of the newest technologies. VR First uses the power of crowd-based innovation to prepare companies for the challenges of tomorrow. For the last 2 years, VR First has grown into a large network of developers, founders and students. We’re now looking for a community manager as we launch our own competition platform and start developing products that enrich the value of this network.

Are you already working in Innovation management and are a natural networker? We are looking for an enthusiastic, passionate and sociable Community Manager to grow and manage a global community of VR developers, startups and enthusiasts.

Growth Hacking: We are building a immersive realities community and you will be the one building and implementing strategies for the development and growth of this community


Network of experienced professionals in the fields of business, technology and government at your fingertips.
Regular skill building trainings about social media and VR/AR
Flexible working hours and a friendly working environment
Invitation and Discounts to VR/AR events
Build a global and local industry network in your community and globally
Learn how to communicate on different social levels — from CEOs, to professors, to students, to developers
Get amazing in communication, community management and social media
Get a large social media follower base in your community
Gain influence in your university


VR First 60386 Frankfurt am Main, DE

Über VR First

VR First is a global program designed to enable creators, companies, and governments interested in exploring the power and potential of immersive technologies. VR First Labs and facilities are key locations for nurturing new talent in VR/AR development and converting ideas into business opportunities. Furthermore, VR First offers competition services to prepare companies for the challenges of tomorrow.