Praktikum in Bereich Marketing (USA Company - Remote)

  • Veröffentlicht am 29.07.2021
  • Praktikum
  • Delaware


FitVon is a social media platform with a built-in marketplace (nutritionists, psychologists, life coaches, physical goods). With many free facilities, FitVon is the whole package for weight-loss/healthier life

FitVon offers unique propositions for its service providers and users. Due FitVon’s market-place revenue streams, FitVon does not rely on advertisement revenues or selling the data of its users. One of the FitVon’s mission is to increase the average privacy levels of social media users. 

We are looking for a couple of marketing (or any business related major) students to participate in a 1-month long internship (minimum estimated workload of 2 hours per week). As FitVon looks to enter the Europe market, you will be helping lead it’s business development and marketing efforts. Main responsibilities will be contacting and speaking with Europe based dietitians. You will learn and strategize marketing and outreach related skills with the team. You will also learn valuable remote work experience, along with working with an international team. You will work together with physicians, software engineers.

To learn more about FitVon please visit Apple Store or Google Play Store from the links below.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store



- Participate marketing related meetings
- Express yourself in the meeting and being active (we value your thoughts).
- To communicate with dietitians/psychologists/life coaches
- (Optional) Participate to find investors and optimize the pitch for investors. It would be a great experience for you but as stated this is optional. 

Some specific projects/responsibilities you may be involve in this internship:
(We do not force you to take part to any of the projects that is listed below. If you believe it will not contribute you please let us know.) 

- We have a master marketing plan. The plan has been revised by many specialities including a psychiatrist, several engineers, several lawyers (including intellectual property lawyers) and physicians.
You will contribute to the master plan, validate its compatibility with Europe market. 

- You will criticize our products, make some reports regarding their compatibility with the Europe market. Your report will shape of next releases. 

- We want to expand to Europe. To achieve this we need to increase our European dietitian/psychologist/life coach numbers. You will communicate with the service providers and try to start a partnership.

- In software industry using the right keywords is very important. We will discuss how efficient our keywords are. 

- (Optionally) Currently we do not seek investment but if an occasional rises we may talk with investors. In that case we could ask you to help us to enhance our investor deck. 


 1-month long internship (minimum estimated workload of 2 hours per week).

Some of our staff can speak/understand German.


- You will witness how a start-up scales-up
- You will learn about Diet&Nutrition market of USA & Europe. In addition to that you will learn other country’s Diet&Nutrition market as-well.
- How to make a strategy for a start-up
- Effective communication skills. 

- Internation team.

- Non-paid internship.

Über das Unternehmen

KeyVon Medical and Software, Inc was founded in 2017 by physicians, engineers and lawyers to create the first "real" AI on healthcare services. Delaware, USA.

Our mission is to create the real healthcare-AI. Undoubtedly healthcare is very important but unfortunately not everyone can reach to a good medical service. Especially, in under- developed countries the lack of quantity and quality is apparent. We want to close this gap.


KeyVon Medical and Software, Inc., Newark, 19702 Delaware, USA